The Bridge s02e01 (2014) – Diane Kruger Nude Scene Video

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Diana Kruger in the clip can be seen swimming under the swimming pool wearing sexy and black swim suit. The clip in addition to Diana Kruger showed a male partner of her also. Diana Kruger is then seen cleaning herself and also wrapping her body in the towel. The clip showed Diana Kruger talking to the guy while coming closer to him and then kissing him. Both of them starts and the guy starts kissing her and fingering her down there and suddenly they both starts undressing themselves while the guy opens her pants and lifts her shirt makes her go nude from down and sucks her pussy. The guy sucks her pussy and she moans in excitement and the love that she was feeling. The clip further showed her beautify and sexy body being flaunted in the clip. The clip has been taken from the tv clip named The Bridge which was released in the year 2014. Diana Kruger showed her sexy boobs and ass being grabbed by her male partner and her sexy moanings while getting sucked from the bottom.