Anna Kendrick Nude

Anna Kendrick Born August 1985 in Portland, Maine, pretty brunette Anna Kendrick is one fresh catch we’d like to douse in butter and swallow up whole. Most people know her, of course, for her role as Jessica in the Twilight movies, but Anna’s actually been in a number of prominent movies over the past five years or so, including Up in the Air (2009), Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World (2010), 50/50 (2011), and the Jake Gyllenhaal cop drama End of Watch (2012). But our favorite entry in Anna’s electic oeuvre (until she does a nude scene, anyway) is the glee-club comedy Pitch Perfect (2012), where Anna gives us some great cleavage in the shower but doesn’t actually give up the goods. C’mon, Anna- don’t leave our bananas hanging!

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