American Beauty (1999) – Thora Birch Nude Scene Video

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Thora Birch in the clip is seen standing in front of the camera and seeing t. she then notices that the guy in the other house was filming her. She knows this and while standing in front of the window she opens her shirt and lets the guy make her movie. She opens her shirt also and stands in the window with only her bra on her that she stares and suddenly she opens her hairs also and then she opens the bra and makes her boobs nude in front of the guy making her video while standing in his house near the window and Thora Birch was also standing in her house while near the window. As the guy was making the video, his dad comes and slaps him. The clip has been taken from the movie named American Beauty which was released in the year 1999. Thora Birch showed her sexy and hot boobs and a beautiful and though sweet strip tease in the clip.