Bad Girls (1994) – Drew Barrymore Nude Scene Video

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Drew Barrymore in the clip can be seen doing fun inside the water lake with some of the other female partners of her. All the women being in the lake can be seen nude. In the next scene Drew Barrymore is seen coming inside the room wearing dress that was showing huge cleavage of her. She talks to the guy there referred to as a doctor and then shows her problem less and her boob much and she also shows her beautiful thigh in the clip. In the next scene, Drew Barrymore was seen made sit on the chair forcefully with many guys covering her. She was stripped to be nude in front of all the guys as her beautiful tank top of white color has been removed and the guy comes and gives her the dresses and asks her to go inside the bedroom in order to make the guy happy. The clip has been taken from the movie name Bad Girls which was released around two decades from now. The clip showed sexy and hot body of Drew Barrymore being nude and her thighs with heavy flesh and sexy boobs in that cleavage dress in the clip.