Blue Velvet (1986) – Isabella Rossellini Nude Scene Video

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Isabella Rossellini in the clip is seen wearing a beautiful black bra and panty set with her boobs looking a little saggy but big and her ass looking round and fucked already. The clip starts with Isabella Rossellini getting a phone call and she suddenly finds something beneath the sofa and then hides that thing beneath the sofa again and the crawls on the floor searching for something. She then removes her wig and goes to her washroom down there the room. She was seen opening her bra and panty while standing in the washroom. Next, the clip shows her in the arms of her nude friend or male partner we can say. They both talk about something and then suddenly she walks away. In the next scene, we got to see Isabella Rossellini nude under the guy`s body kissing his lips passionately. The clip shows Isabella Rossellini nodding her beautiful butts and showing her boobs including her full front nude body too. The clip has been taken from the movie named Blue Velvet which was released in the year 1986 around three decades from now.