Chaplin (1992) – Moira Kelly Nude, Diane Lane Nude Scene Video

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Moira Kelly and Diane Lane both can be seen in the clip showing their sexy and hot body while showing us their tits. The clip is short though we managed to see some sexy cleavages and hot body from them. The clip starts here with Moira Kelly showing her boobs while Diane Lane showing her beautiful body and she is also seen naked in the clip shown here. The clip started with both the girls getting prepared for the function as there were many girls, Moira Kelly can be seen closing her blouse showing her hot and sexy boobs while on the other hand Diane Lane was seen being nude and sexy showing her sexy boobs in the clip as she opens her clothes and then wears her dress of performance. The clip has been taken from the movie named Chaplin which was released in the year 1992. While the girls were changing clothes, there was a guy who got to see the boobs and hips and body of every girl changing in that room.