Cool Breeze (1972) – Pam Grier Nude Scene Video

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Pam Grier in this clip is seen showing her sexy body being naked and enjoying the sexual pleasures also. In the clip taken from the movie named Cool Breeze which was released in the year 1972. The clip showed the sexy and hot body of Pam Grier being nude and sexy. She was seen standing nude in front of her male partner who can be seen sitting on the bed while she was nude showing her big boobs and sexy bottoms. Her body can be seen figured and curved with her big boobs and sexy nipples hardened and erected in the series of sexual pleasures and moments. The clip also showed her laid in the bath tub with sexy boobs of her wrapped in the soap and water mixture with her guy sitting beside her. The clip here is short though but shows the sexy body and assets of Pam Grier very briefly and sexually making us feel good.