Damage (1992) – Juliette Binoche Nude Scene Video

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Juliette Binoche in the clip is seen being sucked and her lips being sucked by her male partner. Her male partner was forcefully holding Juliette Binoche and kissing on her lips. In the next scene, we got to see Juliette Binoche being laden on the table and her male partner opening her legs and then putting his fingers in her pussy and also sucking her pussy and making Juliette Binoche go mad while sucking and fingering her pussy. In the next further seen, the clip showed Juliette Binoche getting fucked while laid on the tv and also they both were seen fucking together. The guy started fucking her while laden her on the table and also made her moan in excitement and sexual feeling. The clip has been taken from the movie named Damage which was released in the year 1992. Juliette Binoche showed her boobs and sexy body while getting fucked and feeling sexy.