Dead Calm (1989) – Nicole Kidman Nude Scene Video

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Nicole Kidman being the sexiest actress of all the time has also shown her beauty in the clip. The clip here is extracted from a full movie where Nicole Kidman has shown her beautiful assets and sexy body to the viewers watching the thing online and enjoying the show being sexy and hot. The clip started with Nicole Kidman showing her kissing the lips and smooching the tongue of her male partner while hugging her tightly. The clip showed them enjoying the scene as they were all set to have an intimate moment of sexual pleasure and excitement. The guy holds the hand of Nicole Kidman and takes her to the bedroom and Nicole Kidman walks with her and then the guy takes her over himself and removes her undershirt making her go mad and he also torns the panty of Nicole Kidman and pushes his dick inside her pussy and starts fucking her while Nicole Kidman goes down and gives a huge mind blowing blowjob to her male partner. The clip here has been taken from the movie named Dead Calm which was released in the year 1989. The clip showed Nicole Kidman enjoying the moments and showing boobs and sexy ass in the clip.