Deadwood season 1 (2004) – Paula Malcomson Nude Scene Video

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Paula Malcomson in the clip is seen wearing a sexy opaque dress with her shoulder length blonde hairs. She walks inside the room and a man was there seeing her. She stands in front of her and then removes her dress and comes nude and sits in the bed with her head on the man`s chest. In the other scene, another man points gun toward her and removes her shirt. Paula Malcomson was seen in the next scene wearing heavy dress including the skirt and top and bra also. The man kept sitting on the bed, she removed her clothes, gets nude and then goes in the bed turning her back towards the man. The clip has been taken from the tv show Deadwood season 1 which was released around a decade and some years ago in the year 2014. Paula Malcomson showed us her tits including little glimpses of her sexy body in the clip.