Doppelganger (1993) – Drew Barrymore Nude Scene Video

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Drew Barrymore in the clip is seen getting sucked by the male partner of her. The guy was pressing her hips and boobs and then sits on his knees and started pressing and massaging her boobs and also sucking her pussy down there opening her thongs and then lifting her skirt, sliding her hands in her inner thighs and opening her shirt also. The guy opened all the clothes of the Drew Barrymore and made her stand in white designer bra and then pushed his two fingers in her mouth making her suck them like sucking the dick and she sucks them. In the further scene, we got to see her getting shower in the washroom with remembering some of the past thoughts of her while getting fucked. She enjoys shower showing us her lips also when suddenly instead of water, red blood starts to come and she gets whole red in that blood. We got to see her hands sliding on her boobs and her big boobs going wild and sexy. Further she was also seen getting fucked standing near the kitchen and enjoying the sexual pleasures as her white gown was released and removed by her male partner and then he places her on the floor making her getting fucked. She further bent on the floor picking her purse when that labor got to see her pussy and comments on her. She further was seen removing her clothes while dancing in the ball. The clip has been taken from the movie name Doppelganger which was released in the year 1993.