Drum (1976) – Isela Vega Nude, Fiona Lewis Nude Scene Video

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Isela Vega and Flona Lewis were both scene giving some of the best scenes in the clip shown here from the movie Drum. Both of the girls named Isela Vega and Flona Lewis performed really well showing off their beautiful and sexy boobs and their sexy attractiveness while doing shots and performing some arousal acts. In the clip, SIela Vega is seen with her male partner in the bedroom, opening her thongs and preparing to have sex. With her partner calling her to come on bed, she stands in front of her male partner and then opens her shirt revealing her whitish milky boobs that were large and beautiful and showing her beautiful sexy figure to the viewers. In the same clip, Fiona Lewis was also seen naked as she was with her male partner showing her boobs and sexy ass with mind blowing figure in the clip. The clip has been taken from the movie named Drum which was released in the year 1976. Isela Vega and Flona Lewis performed really sexy and mind blowing scenes in the clip.