Drunks (1995) – Anna Levine Nude Scene Video

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Anna Levine in the clip is seen wearing sexy hot camisole with shrug over it. She holds the bottle of whisky taken from his guy`s table and then drinks directly without taking the glass. She stands straight in front of the guy and then opens her shrug and then the scene shows us Anna Levine on the top of her male partner who was seen kissing her male partner and opening the laces of her camisole and then turning around making him see her curvy body and sexy looks. She opened her bra too and then holded her boobs and showed her boobs to the guy and went near him. The guy hold them and started sucking them. Her boobs can be seen beautiful and sexy with boobs round and nipples erected in sexual excitement. The clip is taken from the movie named Drunks which was aired on the tv in the year 1995. She was seen getting fucked and enjoying the sexy and beautiful sexual positions and thrust by her male partner. We got to see her sexy boobs and butts in the clip being fucked by her male partner.