Haunted (1995) – Kate Beckinsale Nude Scene Video

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Kate Beckinsale in the clip is seen talking with her male partner being standing near the river. She opens her dress and goes nude while her male partner looks at her with amazed looks. She opens her clothes and then says something to him and goes in the river after diving in it. Her lips can be seen looking so hot and sexy. She comes out of the river and is being covered by her male partner. Further the scene showed them being with each other and they can be seen coming closer while talking and kissing each other`s lips and suddenly the other guy comes in with a glass of water in his hand to give them. The guy talks to them for a while and also stares at the body of Kate Beckinsale being nude. In the next scene, we got to see Kate Beckinsale sitting nude on the chair and he was making her painting while during the making, the guy goes near her and kisses her lips also and starts doing the oral scene. The clip showed her getting naked with the help of male partner and showing us her beautiful boobs and sexy butts while getting fucked. Kate Beckinsale enjoyed sex in the classic missionary style while also showed her sexy and hot body. The clip shown here has been taken from the movie named Haunted which was released in the year 1995. Kate Beckinsale showed her sexy ass and boobs in the clip.