Killer (1994) – Mimi Rogers Nude Scene Video

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Mimi Rogers is again seen in the film from which clip is shown here. She is having no doubt a sexy and hot body with the main thing of making us mad as her boobs are really hot and sexy being fluffy and smooth. Mimi Rogers is seen in the clip kissing the earlobe of her male partner making her go mad and seducing her madly. The clip showed the beautiful and sexy Mimi Rogers getting her boobs being pressed and massaged with the guy standing behind her body. She then hugged him and also kissed his lips while the guy was doing everything that Mimi Rogers was making him to do. She then pushes him and removes his clothes while taking him to go to the bedroom making him go mad over her beautify and sexy body. She was seen wearing a hot and designer bra and that too of black color in which she was looking the diva of sex. She ties that hand of the guy with the bed rest and gets a little bit kinky and sits on his lap and slaps him while he yells at her she slaps him more feeling the sex. The clip has been taken from the movie named Killer which was released in the year 1994.