Nell (1994) – Jodie Foster Nude Scene Video

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Jodie Foster is seen removing her clothes by standing on a little stone that was oozing out from the lake. She performed some kind of activities standing there on the stone and then jumped inside the water. She again was seen swimming in the pool and then climbing up the stone and standing there. There was cold temperature and that can be felt by her breathings and other natural conditions. She then in the next scene was seen going near a guy who was also sitting on the stone. She holds the hand of the guy and then pulls him down in the water himself and then slides her hand over her chest and makes her head rest on his chest. She was seen further lifting her top and showing her boobs to the people standing in the club and moving round and round and round. The clip has been taken from the movie named Nell which was released in the year 1994. Jodie Foster showed her beautiful boobs, ass and her frontal nude body while jumping on the stone from swimming inside the water.