Nights and Weekends (2008) – Greta Gerwig Nude Scene Video

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Greta Gerwig is seen in the clip laid on the floor with her male partner. He opens her jeans and her clothes and then the guy also opens her pants down there. Greta Gerwig opens the shirt of her male partner. Wearing black laced panty down on her buts she just looked super sexy with her white bra on her breasts. Without wasting any more time, she opens her bra and then panty also and then helps the guy opening in his pants. Greta Gerwig was full nude and the guy was also fully nude. In the next scene, both of them enjoys getting shower and further Greta Gerwig was seen lying with the male partner who tries opening her top and we got to see her bobs that were medium sized and her nipples erected while the guy kisses over her back and massages her boobs. Greta Gerwig is seen in the clip being fucked in different positions by different male partners of her and believes us, she just looked like sexual diva while getting fucked. In the clip taken from the movie Nights and Weekends which was released in the year 2008. We got to see her beautiful and sexy boobs, ass and her whole front nude area covered with sexy pubic hairs. She also was wearing many beautiful pieces of lingerie and other items.