Pretty Baby (1978) – Susan Sarandon Nude Scene Video

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Susan Sarandon is seen in the clip laid nude with blanket of white color on her body. With her, her male partner was also laden on the bed. As they were both sleeping, a girl walks towards her and asks her to wake up as she has to give milk to her child. She then can be seen breastfeeding her child. In the next scene, Susan Sarandon was seen nude sitting in the bath tub sitting and getting ready to have a bath. Further, Susan Sarandon was seen sitting on the sofa and making herself nude, while the guy gives her foundation and asks her to rub it on her boobs. She rubs the powder foundation as she was getting ready to click pictures. Next, Susan Sarandon tries making her nipples get hard and sucks them meanwhile the guy tries to click pictures of Susan Sarandon being nude and sexy and she sets her boob while sitting. Susan Sarandon was sitting nude on the sofa with her boobs being large and sexy looking in the clip. The clip has been taken from the movie named Pretty Baby which was released in the year 1978. Susan Sarandon showed her ass and beautiful tits also in the clip.