Romancing Sara (1995) – Dita Von Teese Nude Scene Video

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Dita Von Teese is a real beautiful actress showing off her beautiful body and assets in the clip are not new to her. In the clip she again showed the thing that she is expert and a diva in sexual content. She can be seen wearing sexy corset dress with thongs and sexy shoulder length here. She was seen wearing hot and sexy panty that was only covering her ass crack and nothing else. She comes and then takes her male partner`s hand and rubs it on her ass and then makes the guy go nude and then sucks her dick and gives him exciting and awesome blowjob making the guy moan even. She looks really hot in the clip with her ass being round and sexy. The guy was holding her from her head and she was seen sucking the dick. She then ties the hand of her male partner in the machine that she had prepared for sexual pleasures and then opens her clothes standing in front of her and makes her white boobs come out and the guy sucks them and makes her moan heavily. She can also be seen rubbing her hand on the pussy with her finger and then giving her finger to the guy to suck. She then removes her panty too and gets fucked in the clip. The clip has been taken from the movie named Romancing Sara which was aired on the cinema screens in the year 1995. Dita Von Teese showed her boobs and ass in the clip in addition to her sexy moanings and blowjob.