The Black Dahlia (2006) – Hilary Swank Nude Scene Video

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Hilary Swank in the clip is seen with her male partner standing in the room when her male partner comes near her and sucks her lips with which she also starts giving the response and removes the coat of her male partner and the guy sucks her lips and then moves on to her neck also and lifts her also and then opens her shirt. While this all was happening in the room, we saw Hilary Swank going nude in the bra and the next scene that we saw is both the guy and Hilary Swank in the bed with each other hugging and nude with their blanket on their waists. They can be seen smoking cigarettes and talking to each other. The guy puts hat on his head that was placed right on his side while Hilary Swank talks to him and then sits in the bed and gives the guy serious looks. In the further scene, we got to see the guy driving car in heavy rain and Hilary Swank standing in the balcony due to heavy rain and guy picking up her in his arms and taking her inside and opening her clothes after which they can be seen in the bed with her butts being scene by the viewers. There is no openly content of sexual activity but they showed us their sexy body and hot butts in the ending of the clip. The clip has been taken from the movie named The Black Dahlia which was released in the year 2006.