The Black Dahlia (2006) – Mia Kirshner Nude, Jemima Rooper Nude Scene Video

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Mia Kirshner and Jemima Rooper can be seen in the clip showing their sexy body as they both is seen with the each other in the clip doing the sexy and hot lesbian scenes. They both can be seen dressed in black bra and skirts with many men sitting beside them and watching them doing the stuff. While Mia Kirshner is having her black curled hairs, Jemima Rooper can be seen having sexy blonde hairs and they looked really hot and awesome we must say. The clip started with both of them laid on the bed and making some sexy scenes. Later Mia Kirshner can be seen holding a dildo and then sucking it like a pro like sucking a dick, she then turns down Jemima Rooper down and bents her in doggy style and then fucks her from behind with the help of that dildo. In the clip, we got to see the boobs and sexy body of both the girls named Mia Kirshner and Jemima Rooper. The clip has been taken from the movie The black Dahlia which was released in the year 2006. The clip showed both the girls showing and flaunting their boobs in addition to that sexy and hot lesbian scene done by Mia Kirshner and Jemima Rooper in the clip.