The Chatterley Affair (2006) – Louise Delamere Nude Scene Video

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Louise Delamere was scene in the clip with her partner while laid on the bed with her male partner who was also nude while Louise Delamere was also nude in the bed with no curtain or any type of cloth over their bodies. As the clip started, Louise Delamere was seen wearing bra sitting beside her male partner while in the next scene she was getting fucked by her male partner really hard and banged on by him. She was made nude by her male partner as she was sitting beside her on the bed and in the missionary style positions she was fucked by her male partner. The clip was taken from the movie named The Chatterley Affair which was released in the year 2006. She was getting fucked by her male friend in on the top position while we managed to see her boobs and ass while getting fucked. Her boobs and ass looked sexy and hot and really round.