The English Patient (1996) – Kristin Scott Thomas Nude Scene Video

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Kristin Scott Thomas is seen nude and sexy while removing her sexy dress and jumping in the bath tub with her partner sitting over her in the same bath tub like the way that her chest was touching with his back body. The guy sits in her lap and then hugs her and talks about something. When she goes inside the bath tub, we got to see her beautiful boobs and her sexy frontal part of the body with the skinny pussy of hers covered with some of the pubic hairs. The clip shows her sexy and hot thighs that were leaned and sexy. In the next clip, the guy holds Kristin Scott Thomas and sucks her chest and then slowly removes her clothes while making her bra being visible. Sliding his hands down to her thighs and lifting her skirt and then pressing her ass and putting his hand inside her pussy and then fingering her smoothly and then after having sex in missionary style and making Kristin Scott Thomas come on the top of her and get fucked. The clip has been taken from the movie named The English Patient which was released in the year 1996. The clip showed Kristin Scott Thomas`s beautiful body and sexy and hot tits including frontal nudity also.