The Forsaken (2001) – Izabella Miko Nude Scene Video

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Izabella Miko in the start of the clip is seen in the car sitting with her male partner actually they were not sitting but they can be doing the intimate sexual fulfillment of each other. The clip showed them getting physical and enjoying the kissing and smooches together. The clip further showed them opening their clothes and getting more into what they were doing. As they were about to move further, a hand, yes only hand comes in the car and the guy goes down sucking the pussy of the Izabella Miko while the guy places his hand on the boobs of her and kept on pressing them and suddenly the hand also starts pressing it and Izabella Miko yells at that time and it holds the neck of Izabello Miko. The clip has been taken from the movie named The Forsaken which was released in the year 2001. Izabello Miko showed her boobs in the clip though.