The Toxic Avenger (1984) – Cindy Manion Nude Scene Video

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Cindy Manion in the clip taken here from the movie was seen in white bra and panty standing there and talking to the guy who was there to wash the floor. She talks with the guy standing there and sliding her hands over his body making him go mad. She slides her hand on his face and hairs and then talks to her and feels like making her mad. She stands closer to him and asks the guy to do anything he wants to do. The guy when starts kissing her she places her hands in between his kiss. Cindy Manion then after talking to him, stands by his side and then slides her hand over her body and then opens her bra`s hook and removes her bra from her boobs, making her boobs nude and shown to the guy. They were beautiful, round and were medium sized sexy boobs. She shows them and walks down the floor. The clip has been taken from the movie named The Toxic Avenger which was released in the year 984. Cindy Manion showed her boobs on the screen to see while there was no other nudity in the movie.