The Toxic Avenger (1984) – Jennifer Babtist Nude Scene Video

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Jennifer Babtist in this clip is seen standing by side of the man and touring his shirt and then removed her clothes also and sits on the lap of the guy and starts fucking her self with his dick inside her pussy. She moans heavily while getting fucked whereas her boobs were saggy and were swaying in the air with each fucking thrust made by her male partner. Suddenly the sweeper guy arrives there and watches them getting fucked. They torcher the sweeper guy and asks him to leave. In the next scene, Jennifer Babtist was seen sliding her hand over her body and seeing her muscles while the guy arrives and sits with her. Then in the further next scene, Jennifer Babtist was seen in the steam room and was watching a movie on her mobile and started doing fingering on her pussy and making moaning loudly while someone approaches her in the room which she thoughts to be her friend. She moans loudly and then shows us her boobs also. The clip has been taken from the movie named The Toxic Avenger which was released in the year 1974 around three decades from now. The clip shows the tits of Jennifer Babtist.