Under Siege (1992) – Erika Eleniak Nude Scene Video

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Erika Eleniak in the clip is seen coming down from a plane with the help of her male partner wearing her sexy dress which was a crop top and repealing her sexy cleavage also while walking down the boat with her male partner. She was seen wearing no panty under her pants as her booty looked sexy and hot. They both went inside talking Erika Eleniak with him. In the next scene, we got to see Erika Eleniak talking to her male partner who then takes her inside the room and then she says that she will go inside herself while the other guy follows her and talks to her to which she smiles with sarcasm. She goes inside the room and then changes her clothes making us see her sexy and hot body. The clip showed her further eating some medicines also and wearing sexy panty and top in the room dancing and strip teasing in front of the guy. She removed her shirt in front of the guy making us see her boobs and the guy takes her inside the room and spreads her legs and make her go fucked with him. The clip has been taken from the movie named Under Siege which was released in the year 1992. Erika Eleniak showed sexy boobs and body of her.