Vanilla Sky (2001) – Penelope Cruz Nude Scene Video

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Penelope Cruz in the clip is seen laying with her partner on the bed wearing black camisole and showing her sexy cleavage while her male partner was completely nude on the bed being wrapped with the help of a blanket. The guy starts kissing her while in the next scene, we got to see the guy making Penelope Cruz come over him and kissing her. Further we got to see the boobs of Penelope Cruz laid on the bed with her male partner. The guy presses and massages her boobs while pulls the nipple also and then massages them too. They do some beautiful and sexy kisses also while laying on each other`s body. Further the guy see some kind of horror dream and wakes up and then he saws the girl beside her and then sleeps again. The clip has been taken from the movie named Vanilla Sky which was released around a decade ago in the year 2011. Penelope Cruz showed us her boobs and sexy kissing’s and her sexy camisole in the clip showed here.