Amanda Moon Ray Nude Pics

Writer, actress, model, and philanthropist Amanda Moon Ray has made a name for herself with an eccentric fashion style as an “alternative” model, but there is absolutely nothing alternative about her hotness—with her long, dark hair, petite, tight figure, and stunning facial features, there’s no denying that she’s incredibly gorgeous. She still models, but has more recently broken into acting, and has quickly found success in that as well, with roles in the TV series Disenchanted and in the short films Tom (2012) and Texts from Olivia (2012). Her feature film acting career is blossoming as well, with roles in Waterloo Sunset and the nudity heavy horror comedy Lumberjack Man (2015). In the latter, she plays Danielle, who has sex with some loser in one scene and lies on her back with her perfect breasts out for a short while before the camera cuts away. We see Moon’s great globes again briefly in another scene, as she starts out topless but puts on a bra before being attacked by the film’s titular villain. This is one Moon we sure would like to land on ourselves!