Andrea Cleven Nude Pics

Ass not what you can do for your movie stars, ass what they can do for you, or something like that. Certainly German sperm-trooper Andrea Cleven takes that advice–if it was ever given to her–and runs with it in her nude and professional debut, the made-for-TV movie Kubaner kussen besser (2002). In a skinny-dipping scene, Andrea exposed her perfect posterior. That’s a way to start at the end, so to speak. In the gladiator-esque Held der Gladiatoren (2003), another TV movie, Andrea showed how the ancient Romans got their wild thing on. In her final perv-formance, the theatrically released Katze im Sack (2005), Andrea showed off her katze in the sack. They’re the cat’s meow, so how about letting her pussy purr?