Andrea L’Arronge Nude Pics

Andrea L’Arronge?started her career off in native Germany in the early-1970s, first appearing in the 1973 mini-series Die Powenzbande. Aside from a few cinematic dalliances here and there, the savory lass has spent the better part of her career on German TV, making a name for herself as “Jane” in the made-for-TV crime movie series Anwalt Abel which began in 1991. Before that, she came as close as it seems that she would come to American audiences with a bit part in Ingmar Bergman’s 1977 film The Serpent’s Egg, but it seems that German TV is her preferred medium… Thankfully, in 1981, Andrea appeared in Die Spot oder Fast eine Karriere, showing off her ample bosom, as well as her high-rise ass in a few memorable scenes.