Angela Bruce Nude Pics

Born in Yorkshire, England in 1951 to a white mother and a West Indian father, Angela Bruce brings a touch of the exotic to some otherwise stuffy British films. This beautiful babe has been acting steadily for over forty years, making her debut in 1973’s Man at the Top. She has appeared on such long running tv series as Coronation Street, Press Gang, and EastEnders,?as well as the tv mini-series Prime Suspect (1991) with Helen Mirren. Her most skin-tastic role of all came in the horror anthology Hammer House of Horror (1980) where she appeared alongside such notable actors as Peter Cushing, Brian Cox and Patricia Quinn. Angela gives us the briefest of glimpses at her boppers as she closes up her robe, exposing them for a fleeting moment, preserved in this screen cap! As brief as it may be, there’s still no question that Angela Bruce will help you make some joy juice!