Angelica Domr?se Nude Pics

One of Germany’s moist popular actresses, Angelica Domr?se has been sweetening up the screen since her debut in Verwirrung der Liebe (1959). But audiences really ate up her eye candy with her nude debut in the romance Die Legende von Paul und Paula (1974), where her gumdrops popped out of her dress for a mouth-watering teat. She continued revealing her lucky charms in the made-for-TV Fluchtige Bekanntschaften (1982) and Fraulein (1984), her breast (and bush) exposure yet. She was in her forties but maturing like fine wine. The middle-aged tease kept delivering her goodies with the comedy El Dia de los Albaniles (1984) and the thriller Hurengluck (1990). Her last flash was in her fifties, bathing nude with her children in Die Verfehlung (1992). Talk about a real MILF!