Ann Gillespie Nude Pics

Ann Gillespie is the archetypal “Hitchcock blonde”. With her cropped, flaxen hair, her patrician features recalling Grace Kelly, and her long and lean figure just crying out to be clad in the tightest of get-ups, Ann would have been right at home fighting off a gaggle of bloodthirsty birds or screaming in a shower. Thankfully what we got was Ann costarring as Kelly Taylor’s man-eating, ultra-sexed hot mama on the teen television classic Beverly Hills, 90210. The show’s sizzling beach setting allowed for all characters to be as scantily clad as often as possible, and viewers were treated to the MILFy Ms. Gillespie poured into a bikini sexy enough to have been right at home on any of her younger costars. Ann may have gotten her start on Ryan’s Hope, but she’s one soap star who gives us all a very dirty feeling.