Anne Looby Nude Pics

Australian actress Anne Looby got her start in movie making and TV acting after graduating from The National Institute of Dramatic Art in Kensingnton, a Sydney Suburb, in 1988. Her most popular role was for the hit TV show A Country Practice in which she played the recurring character Anna Lacey. But most of her finest naked screen time comes from the TV mini series Babies, where Anne, thanks to some of Simone de Beauvoir’s inspirational writing, is involved in some love scenes. In her first film role, Strangers (1991), she also shows some jugs in a banging scene with her dude. It was so good they had to tease you with it on the movie cover. She’s also been in the movies Willfull (2001) and Disgrace (2008), but for the most part has remained on TV shows. For the past couple of years she’s been involved in the TV show Dance Academy.