Anne Weinknecht Nude Pics

Anne Weinknecht is a dark-haired beauty from Germany. See, they’re not all blondes, and blondes don’t have all the fun. Ann has been having fun on screen since Neue Freiheit – Keine Jobs Sch?nes Muchen: Stillstand (1998), a film that’s a mouthful. More than that we can’t say. We can say she’s been featured on her local boob tube, as a recurring character in the family comedy Um Himmels Willen. But if you’re interested in less family-friendly fare, then may we recommend Gisela (2005). In this movie our big-boned betty shows off everything she’s got, which is a lot of what we like to call the moist. Butt, boobs and bush galore. And she wears them well.