Annie Burgstede Nude Pics

Blond bombshell Annie Burgstede is a writer and actress best known for her work in Days of Our Lives, Smallville, Monumental (2017), and Hes the Best (2015). Annie was born in Wisconsin on September 18, 1983. Annie made her onscreen debut in the TV series Cold Case in 2005. Annie gets naked for her role as Avery in the thriller Follow the Prophet (2009). This drama follows a female sheriff, an Army Colonel, and young girl who escapes from a Polygamist cult. The three individuals team up to expose the lies of the Utah cult. Annie shows off her amazing ass and terrific ta-tas when she strips off her clothes and burns them in the fireplace. Then Annie grabs a video camera and tapes herself dancing around the cabin in her birthday suit. We’re not in a cult, but we would definitely drink whatever Kool-Aid Annie is serving!