Arlette Torres Nude Pics

Perhaps having parents of French and Venezuelan descent gives Arlette Torres the sort of exotic look of someone who can stop you in your tracks. ?Worked for us! ?A former Hatha yoga instructor (Lord Hatha mercy!), Torres graduated from Venezuela’s National Theater Company’s Acting Program and moved to Spain to continue her training and focus on her career. ?She has commercial experience, lending her exotic look to companies such as Vodafone, Lexus and Repsol, as well as numerous international projects in film, theater and TV in multiple countries. ?Torres co-starred in the Venezuelan drama Liz in September (2014),?regarded as the first Spanish language lesbian film. ?The film features a few scenes with Torres on a beach in a bikini with a couple of other girls, her tight?body leaning back on a beach chair, giving us a good look at her oiled legs. ?In another scene, Torres and another woman strip to their underwear and have a race in a pool. ?I think the audience wins that race!