Aurélie Houguenade Nude Pics

French tempter Aurelie Houguenade is fairly new to the business of entertainment, but Mr. Skin thinks she’s going to have a long and prosperous career if she continues to embrace nudity in her roles, much like she did in the skin-filled flick 4:48 (2014), her only actual movie appearance. In the time-titled film, Aurelie goes whole hog, showing off every inch of her banging body in multiple scenes, highlighted by leztastic hook ups with her big-nipped co-star Ynda Rouya and Kait Tenison. Besides rubbing boobs and swapping kisses with her co-stars, Aurelie gets spanked by a chick, has a foam fight with another woman, puts a noose around her neck, and she even gives us a close-up moment of masturbation. Hey Aurelie, can we smell your fingers?