Blanca Estrada Nude Pics

Ethereal blonde Blanca Estrada was a bright-burning flame across Spanish cinema for the better part of a decade. A former circus performer (and who wouldn’t want to see what was under her big top?), Blanca first screamed and creamed onscreen in the Spanish B-movie thrillfest Una vela para el Diablo (1970). The horror genre seemed to agree with the lovely, angelic-faced Estrada, and she provided a lovely physical contrast to the gore of El buque maldito (1974) before starring in her best-known role as the amazon Kilma in Kilma, reina de las amazonas (1975). Despite the promise of Amazonian lovelies lounging in a jungle setting in various states of undress, her loincloth stayed firmly in place, and audiences didn’t get a look at Blanca’s bits until later that year, with El Libro del Buen Amor (1975), where she prettied up the scenery with a quick slip of the snoob. But after one more skin flash in El Francotirador (1977), Blanca put the kibosh on flesh forever, and, sadly, her career followed suit in 1982.