Bonnie Swencionis Nude Pics

From a young age Bonnie Swencionis knew that she wanted to be an actress. After high school she studied acting in both New York and Los Angeles under some of the best acting teachers in the industry. She has appeared in several stage productions as well as landing smaller roles on shows like Law & Order: Criminal Intent, White Collar and 30 Rock while also getting bigger parts in smaller shows like Sylvia Plath: Girl Detective and the movie Return (2011). It is her nip-tastic turn in the short film Erection (2013) that caught our skintention. During her pivotal scene your hand will pivot down your pants as Bonnie climbs into bed with a guy to do the nasty. They take each other’s clothes off and start getting busy, but she leaves her bra and panties on as things come to a premature end. Although her bra is on, it is not up to the task of containing her lovely rack and we get a very sweet nip slip in the middle of the action. She might not get nude in Erection, but her Ms. Swencionis is hot enough you will find yourself having swen-coitis with your erection!