Brigid Macaulay Nude Pics

Tattooed blonde Brigid Macaulay has come a long way from her days as a gymnast teacher in the small town of Zionsville, Indiana. The fun loving femme isn’t all about back flips and splits, she’s a fan of horror films. This fandom of all things horror translated into acting and the shapely babe made her big debut in the film Psycho Street (2011), which led to her role as a blood-covered victim in the crazy film Found (2012). In it, we found out what Brigid’s nipple looks like, because her left boob and gumdrop nip made a brief appearance while she was facing the business end of a knife. Mr. Skin found her boob very exciting. The aspiring scream queen moved on to appear in the thriller Time to Kill (2014), but she kept her clothes on. We can’t wait until she gets completely nude on the silver screen, because then it will be our time to spill!