Brigitta Stenberg Nude Pics

Brigitta Stenberg first popped up on the Skintertainment radar in 1989 in the background of an episode of Mr. Belvedere, which led to a two-episode stint on the hit action series MacGyver the following year. Fortunately, that’s the extent of her Boob Tube experience…In 1991, Brigitta moved on to more Skinematic fare with a bit part in the Kevin Bacon vehicle Queens Logic. Since then, she’s pretty much been stuck in rather small roles, such as her turn as “Receptionist” in 1991’s Killer Instinct and as “Stewardess Sally” in 1992’s Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. We certainly appreciated her bit part in the Brandon Lee action flick Rapid Fire. Although she’s credited as “Rosalyn” at the end of the film, Brigitta could have just as easily been credited as “Naked Art Class Model,” which is more or less what she did. It’s gratuitous and it’s full of boobs, beaver, and buntastic goodness, so don’t miss it!