Camilla Filippi Nude Pics

Camilla Filippi is a cute Italian. If you think the country is shaped like a boot, then you need to check out this act-chest and her work. Then you’ll realize that landmass looks more like the erection its native men get when seeing their prized ladies. Camilla is a tit gal. That is, she has a wonderful pair of perky breasts and can’t help showing them off, as she has in Ora o mal più (2003). The story of a guy who gets involved with a group of anti-globalists is made by Camilla’s lovely globes, which our boy gets to play with in bed. Then there’s La vita che vorrel (2004), a romance about a famous actor and an aspiring up and comer, who’ll make you come when she takes off her shirt. Who is this act-chest? You know, it’s Camilla!