Carolyn Dunn Nude Pics

Blonde, perky, dimpled when she smiles and delightfully sure of herself, Canadian blonde Carolyn Dunn has the ability to launch a lifelong obsession by doing little more than flashing her pink panties. Though the sassy breath of fresh air has blown life into Head Office (1986), Separate Vacations (1986) and Street Justice (1989), the image of Carolyn Dunn most vividly imprinted is the pantie-flaunting tomfoolery of Breaking All the Rules (1985). Who can cease to fixate upon the charming chair cheeks of derriere Dunn as Carolyn boldly bends and writhes, tossing her behind into the camera’s eye? Her wrinkly practically winks as the flimsy cotton crotch adheres to her moist muffin and creates a camel toe that will last a long, long time for all who see it.