Catherine Ashton Nude Pics

London-born babe Catherine Ashton has a stately name and a banging body. Yeah, Mr. Skin doesn’t expect you to know her name, especially since most of her roles were in films of the short type. You know, the artsy films like Plasticine (2009), Cold Turkey (2010), Lemon Meringue (2011), and Hard to Say (2011), that no one outside of the dingus director and his mother watches. No, unlike most short films, Catherine didn’t get nude, but she did make appearances in some legit films like Scratch (2008) and Creepers (2014). Remember when we mentioned that she had a banging body? Well, thanks to the comedy Home Sweet Hell (2015), you get to see proof of Catherine’s sexiness when she strips down to her pink panties and bares her cute little pair while she swings a samurai sword. While she’s brandishing a sword, you’ll be brandishing a boner!