Celeste Octavia Nude Pics

While it’s easy to write off actresses in nudie flicks as just another pretty face, every once in a while we come across one like Celeste Octavia that proves us wrong! While Celeste is best known for appearing in such films as Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000) where she played “Naked Nurse” and August (2008) where she played “Pass Out Girl,” she’s also an accomplished art director, having done art direction duties on the 2004 film Planet of the Pitts, in which she also appeared as Bobby. It was her role as Naked Nurse in Citizen Toxie that grabbed Mr. Skin’s attention however, and will likely grab yours as well. Check out Celeste’s fantastic full frontal flappers and fur as she seduces a doctor that looks unsettlingly like Gene Shalit!