Chloe Goodman Nude Pics

Chloe Goodman is not a real actress, as of yet. But she is a lingerie model that went looking for love on the MTV hit dating show, Ex on the Beach. Ironically enough, Chloe likes to spend a lot of time on the beach, showing off her curvy and boob-tastic body for the handful of invasive paparazzi that often follow her. Chloe left the beach behind for a brief moment to make a leztastic appearance in the crime comedy Plastic (2014). In a brief but erection-inducing scene, Chloe swaps a sensual kiss with Amelle Berrabah, one of the chicks from the UK girl group Sugarbabes. When a pervy dude asks for a little bit more, Chloe obliges him by losing her top and baring her big ol’ boobies. Mr. Skin would love to see more of Ms. Goodman’s gland-tastic pair in future roles!