Christie D’Amore Nude Pics

Though her surname means love in Italian, Christie D’Amore is a Malibu native who was brought up a tomboy who would rather play with cars than dolls. That prepared her for the junior-high production of Grease, where she greased back her dark hair and rocked out to “Greased Lightning.” In Pieces (of Ass), a professional play of autobiographical anecdotes about being beautiful women, Christie goes more fem, playing a cheerleader who drops her pompoms for a more revealing outfit before telling the audience that she’s a lesbian. “Guys don’t get it,” she says. “They all think they’ll be the one who converts me.” Well, she converts Mr. Skin with her brief nude debut in the comedy Dirty Deeds (2005), where she poses topless, smoking between two pieces of bread. How about a slice of that?