Clio Baran Nude Pics

In Greek mythology, Clio means the muse of lyre playing. French brunette Clio Baran is most definitely a muse, and what we’d give to play her strings — if only she’d allow it. Clio’s short on the skin list as far as her work goes, but as Aurore de Nevers in Lagardère (2003), she never says never to nudity. To illustrate that, she winks her pink nip to anyone interested (ahem) as she’s getting jiggy with some pirate-shirted paramour she undoubtedly desires during her movie debut. But, alas, despite the swashbuckling period piece is the only piece in which Clio shows us a piece. Sigh. Sure, she’s racked up a few clothed film and television roles including Molière (2007) and Prèlude (2004), but we’d prefer more than a prelude to the brunette Frenchie’s rack and crack. But her minor mameo will have to do; it’s a good start, it gets our balls, er, the ball rolling. It’s only onward and skinward from here!